"The higher your perspective, the better the view"
– Wendy James Hypnotherapy
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"Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create"
– Wendy James Hypnotherapy
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"
- Dr Wayne W Dyer
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I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist working  within Yate and South Gloucestershire.  I hope that the information I provide is helpful when considering ways to make life better.
Life can be stressful, the traffic queues, school runs, demands at work and at home, the cost of living, along with the endless ‘to do’ lists, not to mention the bombardment of negative news coming at us from the daily papers, TV, radio and internet, it’s almost impossible to avoid.    The vast majority of us rely on our smartphones as our means of communication, or as a shortcut, a distraction, even an escape, it’s become a way of life, in fact how would so many of us cope without them?  At the touch of a button our world opens up, 24/7 access to surf the net and meet our ‘needs’.  To a large extent having our ‘finger on the pulse’ can make our lives so much easier,  it allows us instant access to communicate with our friends, family and the outside world, so why is loneliness and isolation so prevalent in our society and stress related illness being stated as the main cause of absenteeism in the workplace?  
Why are so many of us battling with stress related issues?  Stress can be really difficult to manage and manifests itself in many different ways, in the form of anxiety, depression, lack of confidence/self esteem, Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD),  intrusive thoughts, emotional eating,  unwanted habits and behaviours, to name but a few.  Anything that is driven by the emotional, subconscious part of our brain can create havoc but also has great potential for change and this is where I can help.  
In my therapy room,  I provide a comprehensive explanation about how our minds work in relation to stress, how it can build up to tipping point, preventing us from coping effectively and how hypnotherapy can help to reduce and potentially eliminate the stress to bring about positive change.  I provide my clients with the ability to press ‘pause’ on the outside world, turning the volume down on the ‘internal chatter’ that goes on in our heads, which gives them the breathing space to explore their preferred way of living and ultimately a healthier state of mind.   
I believe that if you really want to change your life, you must first change your mind which is why hypnotherapy is proven to be so effective. Using solution focused techniques, I work in partnership with my clients to identify and explore their desire for change. This, in turn, unlocks their potential to make a positive shift forward by replacing old, unwanted thoughts, habits and behaviours that have been laid down in the subconscious mind through repetition and long held belief systems, with a healthier, more satisfying pattern of thinking.   My relaxation MP3 is an integral part of this process and is provided at the first appointment, to introduce a positive shift right from the start.
I pride myself in my warm and friendly approach and am passionate about helping my clients discover a better version of themselves; to develop the confidence. emotional resilience and success  that will bring about positive and lasting change. 
Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting me for a free, no obligation consultation on the telephone to find out more.
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