How are you? Do you ever stop and ask yourself that question? Do you ever consider the weight of physical, emotional stress, anxiety, worry or fear that you might have been lugging around with you for the past 'however long'? It's not exactly been a typical eighteen months that we've just navigated our way through and many of us will not we might not fully acknowledge the impact it may have had/is having on our own wellbeing.

We've been subjected to some very challenging and stressful times during that time and most, if not all of us will be experiencing anxiety and stress in some form or another due to the Covid pandemic. Although It’s not only the pandemic that’s been creating anxiety in our lives though, as we will have lived and continue to live through many stressful times that far predate Covid that might still be creating many challenges.  Our world continues to experience uncertainty and change and us humans don’t respond well to the unfamiliar. Having to decide whether to wear face coverings, exercising vigilance when out and about, changes in work environments, working from home, redundancy, family, health, relationship, financial stress will be having a significant impact on most people’s lives. These are just a few examples of how many of us will be experiencing anxiety during stressful times. 

Anxiety can take on many forms that can have a significant impact on daily living, particularly for those who have a history of health anxiety and anxiety related disorders. Has anxiety become an issue for you, stopping you from enjoying your best relationships? Are you constantly worrying about yours or your family’s health and wellbeing?  Are you avoiding situations, people or places as a result of lockdown and the fear related to it. Do you find yourself being triggered by things that never used to bother you? Do you struggle to get to sleep, wake up during the night or find it hard to wake up in the morning?

Perhaps you’re finding comfort from sugar laden foods, cigarettes or alcohol? Do you find relief from that first glass of wine or having just one more glass to get you off to sleep? Do you feel frustrated or guilty for eating more, smoking more, drinking more but you can’t seem to break the habit?

If anxiety and stress are having an impact on your life and you’re looking for support and advice without any unpleasant side effects, this eBooklet is for you.  

My intention is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what causes the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety, how these symptoms can accumulate and, if left untreated, can have a long term, debilitating effect on your life and the lives of those who care about you. I hope you find it both helpful and informative.

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Warm wishes,  Wendy

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