• Reducing the symptoms of loneliness through meditation

    It’s Christmas ! The festive season is known to be a time of celebration but, for many this time of year can highlight and reinforce the feeling of loneliness.  In this article I explain the benefits of meditation and how it can help reduce...

  • Stress and your mental, emotional and physical health

    It is becoming crystal clear how the stress of modern living is so easily overlooked; the pace of life is speeding up and the digital age enveloping us, from toddlers to teenagers, parents to grandparents. Just how aware are we when it comes to...

  • How to get a good nights sleep

    In today’s competitive world, sleep is more of a luxury than a necessity. Sleep is important for the well being, both emotionally and physically for an individual. Insufficient sleep or no sleep has long lasting health and psychological disorders. If you have been experiencing...

  • How to improve your memory

    It has been believed for centuries that as we grow older, our brain functions continue to deteriorate, which also impacts and weakens our memory. However, recent medical researches and experiments have proved that our brain has the ability to grow new neurons, even as...

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