Thinking about it, how do you define freedom?

That’s a no brainer isn’t it? Freedom is seeing our families and friends again after coming out of lockdown ! This is very true for all of us as that will also mean we will have the freedom to return to life as we knew it! What would we do first with our longed for freedom?

Take a leisurely stroll around our favourite shops, the countryside, go to the gym, the pub, the cinema? It all sounds so inviting doesn’t it and these days will return!

Freedom has so many definitions though and can take on many different forms. Freedom of choice is the doorway to many of our life decisions and can change our destiny by those choices we make.

True freedom for some might mean clearing debt and enjoying financial security, for others early retirement from work; it might be the freedom to express themselves with confidence or it could be freedom from suffering at the hands of self-limiting beliefs self-judgement or self-doubt. Freedom from the anguish of anxiety and/or depression would feel liberating and life changing in so many ways.

In some parts of the world freedom is denied by political dictate where communities might be shackled by poverty and fear. Committing a crime can carry a penalty which might deprive a person of their freedom and human rights and there are many other examples of how freedom can shape and steer our lives each and every day.

Whichever way we interpret the true meaning of freedom, whether we are held hostage by our life choices or set free by the good decisions we make, it all starts with the thoughts we think, the actions we take and the beliefs we are governed by.

Your mind is the key that opens the door to true freedom and all it has to offer you.

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