In a world of social media we should feel more connected. So why is there such a feeling of isolation for so many?

In this article I explain how important interaction is to our overall wellbeing, how loneliness and feelings of isolation seem to be more present and how to overcome it.

To be happy and healthy, most of us know that we need to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthily and exercise.  However, very few of us realise just how important human interaction is to our overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing; after all we have basic human primal needs and being part of a ‘tribe’ is essential to our overall wellbeing; it makes us feel safe and secure, it helps us cope better with everyday life, we feel more motivated and are less anxious when we interact with others.

Studies show that "feeling connected" to others strengthens immunity, lower levels of anxiety and depression, improves self esteem and compassion, to name just a few of the benefits.

Us humans have a tendency to obsess over the past and worry about the future (instead of simply living in the moment) and too much time alone can have significant mental and physical health consequences as it allows time to overthink, over worry and over stress.

Lets think back to when we felt at our happiest? For most of us, those precious times spent with friends and family quickly come to mind.

Whether we are playing games, eating, drinking, talking, or laughing with our loved ones, the natural human connection we feel anchors our awareness firmly into the present (instead of worrying and obsessing when alone).

While the very best cure for loneliness is a strong social network and a loving family, this isn't possible for everybody.  Social network does not refer to Social Media as, contrary to what most people might think, studies have shown that spending a significant amount of time on Facebook can cause feelings of disconnection, loneliness and isolation.

Neuroscientists believe that our brains generate more than 50,000 thoughts per day and, for many of us, these thoughts are useless, fear based and outdated internal dialogue that bear no relevance to us in the here and now.  The same old same old repetitive thoughts about not being good enough, feeling inadequate, incapable, hopeless and unloved create a fog that sends us in to a downward spiral, creating stress, anxiety and depression and further impacts the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Finding *MindSpace might be the answer.

Learning to completely relax allows you to quiet and still the mind.   It teaches you to be aware and mindful of your thoughts, your inner dialogue, as it moves the power away from the busyness of your ‘day to day’ mind, thereby allowing your mind to slow right down and eventually invites a calm yet equally powerful ability to open up the door to a healthier way of thinking and feeling, which invites an opportunity to explore new opportunities to engage in social activities.   Joining a class, whether that's for relaxation or fitness, it encourages interaction with others, which is a great motivator for feeling good and meeting with likeminded people.

I hold weekly *MindSpace classes that are friendly, welcoming and inclusive.   You don't need to have any experience as the focus is on learning to quiet your mind and encourage it to drift off while you relax and restore your mental and physical energy.   Anyone can completely relax, it might take a bit of practice but you will most definitely reap the benefits far beyond your expectation.

Please contact me by email or telephone if you would like to find out more about my classes or to book a space or tel. 07855054688.

“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.” Napoleon Bonaparte

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