I offer talks and workshops in schools, businesses and social groups which are adapted to meet the requirements of the audience. My talks and workshops are suitable for small or large groups.

The talks are educational, interactive and engaging. I provide a visual presentation to my audience, which explains how the brain works, how we react and respond to our environment and the strategies we can use to minimise and manage stress effectively and enhance our physical and emotional wellbeing.

I share a range of strategies that can be used to manage the unpleasant symptoms of stress and anxiety, along with strategies to boost confidence and self esteem. The importance of a healthy sleep regime is a topic that I hone in on as it is central to our wellbeing and is largely responsible for how we interact with our peers and how we navigate our way through the day; the decisions we make, our mood and our ability to cope in every aspect of our life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I also offer half day Emotional Wellbeing workshops. The workshop commences with an introduction/ice breaker, followed by a visual presentation explaining how the brain works; this is interactive and light hearted. There is a short break, after which I introduce the 'Miracle Question' session, which involves participants working in groups of two or more, opening up a dialogue to discuss and explore what a healthy work/life balance would look like and what would be different if this was achieved. The focus is on team building and goal setting, both personally and professionally and is very motivating and positive, promoting mutual appreciation, understanding and inclusivity, all of which make for improved relationships and a healthier working environment.

We end the workshop with a relaxation session, using a guided visualisation that supports the content of the workshop and brings about a great sense of positive movement forward to end the day.

Fees: How The Brain Works ~ Stress Management (1.5 hours) £110

Emotional Wellbeing (4 hours): £260

*NB. There may be further costs for travel in excess of a fifteen mile radius to my base in South Gloucestershire.

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