What does it feel like to be Hypnotised?

It can be compared to being very similar to ‘daydreaming’ and each of us can go in to trance at many different levels, even a light trance is sufficient for hypnotherapy to have a positive effect. Hypnosis allows our mind to focus and turn the volume right down on our inner chatter...

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

Not at all, it is completely safe and is recognised by the British Medical Association. Hypnosis is a completely natural occurrence and we all have the potential to be hypnotised.

Will I remember everything afterwards?

Yes you will, although just as when you read a book, watch a film or drive along a familiar road, there will be some detail that you will not remember, because our minds are in a trance like state.

Can I come out of hypnosis if I want to?

Absolutely. You are able to emerge from hypnosis at any point during the couch session. You will always be aware of your surroundings. A hypnotic trance is similar to that feeling just before sleep occurs when our body and are senses are beginning to slow down, unwind and drift off.

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