Many people struggle for years trying to quit the smoking habit only to get drawn back to it when a stressful situation crops up or when a few alcoholic drinks sabotage the willpower.

Smoking is a psychological addiction that is driven by habitual behaviour that has been set down in the subconscious mind. There is a very small part of smoking that creates the physical addiction and takes only a few days after stopping to release it’s hold on the smoker.

I have great success helping my clients stop the smoking habit and significantly improve their health and financial status. Using hypnotherapy I help my clients make sense of their relationship with smoking and the associations that have been formed due to repetitive links being formed.

I was recommended to Wendy from a friend who gave up smoking easily with her help. I was fed up with smoking and had been for a while but was afraid of failing at giving up. It was so easy with Wendy’s help and a really positive experience. I would recommend Wendy to everyone I meet who say that they are ready to quit.

Tom Morris, Bristol

If you have a strong desire to stop smoking but are struggling with the willpower to quit, contact me for a free twenty minute, no obligation telephone discussion to hear how I can make it so much easier for you to quit for good and break free from the chains of smoking.

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